St. Mary's Church, Woodbridge
"We are here for the glory of God; to be the body of Christ, broken and restored to reflect the Gospel in our lives."
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A Canon for Woodbridge

Congratulations to Kevan, our parish priest, on becoming an Honorary Canon! A former Chaplain at the Royal Hospital School, Kevan came to St Mary’s in May 2000 and has been making his mark ever since. A well-known figure about the town, Kevan has done much to foster close links between St Mary’s and the wider community. Very much a man of the people, Kevan is also Chaplain to Ipswich Town Football Club and has worked hard to support the Rock Barracks troops and their families. Despite his affiliation with ITFC, can there be any truth in the rumour that the Rectory is to be renamed The Arsenal?

He will be installed at the cathedral, Bury St. Edmunds, on Sunday, 31st. May at 1530.