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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 3 Summer 2007


Its eye a dark pool
in which Sirius glitters
and never goes out.
Its melody husky
as though with suppressed tears.
Its bill is the gold
one quarries for amid
evening shadows. Do not despair
at the stars distance. Listening
to blackbird music is
to bridge in a moment chasms
of space-time, is to know
that beyond the silence
which terrified Pascal
there is a presence whose language
is not our language, but who has chosen
with peculiar clarity the feathered
creatures to convey the austerity
of his thought in song.

R S Thomas 1913-2000

Where in Woodbridge?

mystery picture

Do you recognise this picture and know where it is?

If so, just send the answer plus your name and telephone number to:

Outlook Competition, St Marys Shop, marked Where in Woodbridge?

Entries by 15 August. There will be a prize for the first correct entry opened.