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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 5 Spring 2008

Something for everyone

St Marys has recently been looking at what we can do to encourage and develop personal spirituality, which should be a living foundation for everyones life, helping not just ourselves, but helping all by striving to reflect Christ in our lives. We have not tried to re-invent the wheel the Church has been promoting spiritual development for 2,000 years but to review what we do, what we should be doing, what we should be doing better. This has led to some practical suggestions for our modern world.

We started by asking the whole congregation to reply to a questionnaire about what they wanted. Two clear needs emerged opportunities for prayer, meditation and silence. And religious education in all aspects.

For the first, we are arranging, for example, prayer walks, quiet days, retreats, guided prayer, and quiet space in the church during the week. You can read about some of these regularly in Outlook, including this issue. They are open to everybody, church members or not. For the second, Religious Education, we are arranging monthly talks, open to all, on religious topics, and we have started the Emmaus course for adults, and are planning one for young people.

Further details from Parish Office, notice boards in church and Outlook. A warm welcome is assured to all wishing to attend if only for a taster.

Learning to pray

St Marys Church is to hold a week of guided prayer from 13-19 April 2008, which is open to anyone wishing to participate.

What is a week of guided prayer? It is an opportunity for individuals to deepen their relationship with God in the setting of everyday life, by giving space and time to daily prayer, using scripture, and to meet a guide to reflect on that prayer and on the individuals spiritual pilgrimage.

During the week, the pilgrims (those wishing to take part) meet individually with a Companion (trained in spiritual direction), with whom pilgrims will share one-to-one prayer sessions.

Further details and application forms are available at the back of St Marys Church. If you are interested, you are welcome to talk to Jill Hawes, Michael Stagg or Michael Booth before completing an application form.