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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 5 Spring 2008

Pilgrims keep walking.

birds in flight

Walk cheerfully over the Earth

George Fox, Quaker

And we did just that ... on New Years Day! It seemed fitting, spiritually, to enter the New Year with a walk encompassed by creation and to give thanks to God. We were a symbolic number 12 for our walk; we chose to repeat a walk made last Autumn (5.5 miles) around the coast, marshes and reed beds of Minsmere and the heathland to the north of the bird reserve. We started with prayers and a reading and enjoyed moments of silence and quiet prayer at intervals around the circular walk. Our prime focus, as Christians, is on God and His love for us; we also enjoy the fellowship and the discussion of both our journey and our faith.

The Latin expression solvitur ambulando tells us the problem is solved by walking. Perhaps not all problems are solved that way, but the opportunity to be with fellow travellers, under a clear sky, amongst such varied and magnificent landscape, in the presence of God refreshes, restores and revives us in every sense. Walking and talking, reading and rambling have a bonding and benevolent effect on a community. The opportunity to observe nature we watched Marsh Harriers and stood quietly to observe Red Deer on the heath is enhanced with companions to share the spectacle. Watch and pray seems to be an apt biblical quotation for this day and for such walks in general.

More walks are planned for 2008 and all are welcome to join us. The next two walks are due to take place on:

For details and to add your name to either or both lists, please check the notice board in St Marys Church or contact Michael Stagg (Tel: 387280)