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"We are here for the glory of God; to be the body of Christ, broken and restored to reflect the Gospel in our lives."
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21st July 2019 - Trinity 5

In the 1940s, I was at school at Gumley House, Convent FCJ School for Girls, in Isleworth Middlesex. Our School Song was written by Miss Rose, a History teacher and set to music by Mrs. Clarke, Music teacher. Although we sang it only 3 times a year, at the end of every school term, I am pleased to say that I still remember all the verses.

It may have been written 80 or so years ago, but the words are not completely outdated and I think the precepts and pledges have relevance in today’s world.


Here we have come to dedicate our youth

To love and seek untiringly for truth.

And we resolve to train both heart and will

That all our lives we may pursue it still.


May we then cultivate the seeking mind,

Whichever longs more knowledge still to find

Yet so that humble wisdom from it springs

At all the wonder of created things.


In the good fellowship of school day friends

May we keep pure our hopes from selfish ends

Each one be ready when she hears the call

To use her talents for the good of all.


Mother of Christ upon our souls impress

Virtues of fortitude and lowliness

And Holy Mary, ask thy son we pray

That he may be our life, our truth, our way.


So may we, Lord, go forward unafraid

With joy in all the good things thou hast made

That when this earthly life is ended we

May come at last to perfect life with Thee.


Jill Richardson


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